Come and be part of a vibrant caring team where you can share your skills and learn some new ones. The Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre recognises the valuable contribution to the service made by volunteers and actively encourages their participation because it:
  • Enables the service to gain from the wide experience out in the community
  • Allows for wider community participation in the service
  • Provides the opportunity for work experience and the development of new skills in volunteers

The types of Volunteer Work available at the Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre include:
  • The More than a Meal Volunteers
  • Community Support Assistant
  • Food Recovery Sorting Team Member
  • Garden Maintenance
  • Cleaners
  • Event volunteers
  • Activity Leaders
  • Computer Support Volunteers
The Mid Richmond Neighbourhood Centre Management values the support and efforts of volunteers and therefore has a clear commitment to appropriately recruiting, managing and utilising their time and skill.

Volunteering at MRNC is broken up into three areas:

  • Volunteer jobs & positions
  • Getting involved in the community
  • Mandatory volunteering

Community Volunteer Jobs & Positions Available

Below we have our list of programs and positions available for community volunteers. We use a roster system, if you would like to check availability or see more information about our different volunteering areas please contact us.

Volunteering positions & jobs available:

  • Community Pantry service
  • Community Pantry Stocking
  • Community Pantry Cleaning
  • Community Garden Management Operations
  • Driving – Buses for groups
  • Driving – Meals on Wheels
  • Driving – Medical Transport
  • Driving Food Recovery
  • Cooking – Food Recovery
  • Social Circle – Assistant
  • Playgroup’s   – Assist
  • Management Committee
  • Be Connected – Computer help
  • Administration roles

Volunteers Fundraising:

  • BBQ
  • Bunnings BBQ
  • Street Stall
  • Farmers Market

Get Involved In Our Community

If you want to work with us and get involved in the community see our list of volunteer involvement programs available for the community to attend.

Volunteers involvement & programs available:

  • Community garden
  • Sewing Shopping Bags
  • Cooking Group for ER meals
  • Cooking for Social events
  • Cooking for Aged Care / Meals on Wheels events
  • Cooking Jams and Pickles
  • Events – eg. Crankfest NAIDOC
  • Flyer -deliveries

Mandatory Volunteering

If you are required to complete mandatory volunteering and need more information please contact us.

Mandatory volunteering options available include:

  • Over 55 (Mutual obligation)
  • Community Service – court-ordered
  • Work For the Dole
  • Work Development Orders – fines payments

Are you interested in helping out, or would you like to find out about more mandatory volunteering options?